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Create a Builder with Fluent API and C#

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Having already read about this elsewhere, I still thought this stuff too much fun to not blog about: creating a builder with fluent API. You can read more about the subject on internet, this blog is just code 🙂 The code is an example implementation, it’s about the concepts. It is a stripped down but pimped version of an implementation I did at a client I… Read more »

Open XML – Setting multiple Picture Content Controls by Tag name, without going crazy

For a project I was working on I had to generate some documents on the server. Not wanting to install Microsoft Word on the server because, well let’s not go there, I’ll have to use bad words; I decided to use Open XML. I started a little C# project to see how this stuff works. At first you frown a… Read more »

Using Custom Task Forms with Nintex Workflow – Example Solution

This is the follow-up post for the Using Custom Task Forms with Nintex Workflow and is an example implementation of the custom task form using dynamic loaded user controls. The way this works is that the CustomForm.aspx is called by the Nintex workflow task along with some parameters. With this a context is created containing some variables associated with the… Read more »

Using Custom Task Forms with Nintex Workflow

​In this blog I want to show you how to create powerful task forms for Nintex using application pages. Later on I will add an example solution with some help functions and a mechanism to use user controls as the forms. (Update: You can find the example solution here.) Why? Well, because you want more. Nintex workflow already supports InfoPath… Read more »

Posting data to a WCF Service from a SSIS Data Flow Destination (and debug it)

Currently I’m working on a system that needs to convert different bulk files into single messages. We want to use SSIS to import the files, transform the records into xml messages and send those messages to BizTalk. I’m new to SSIS so I decided to do some little ‘Proof of Concepts’. This post is about calling a (WCF) Service from… Read more »