Using Custom Task Forms with Nintex Workflow – Example Solution

This is the follow-up post for the Using Custom Task Forms with Nintex Workflow and is an example implementation of the custom task form using dynamic loaded user controls. The way this works is that the CustomForm.aspx is called by the Nintex workflow task along with some parameters. With this a context is created containing some variables associated with the workflow. The content type name is parsed so that the correct user control is loaded. To get start with the solution, please follow these steps:

  1. Deploy the solution from visual studio to your SharePoint site.
  2. Add the workflow to a list (DemoWorkflow.nwf). Create a custom one, doesn’t matter, just so you can start the workflow on a list item.
  3. Edit the script (nintex.contenttype.bat) to set the correct SharePoint URL, and run it.
  4. Start the workflow on a list item, and check the Workflow Tasks list. If everything went right you should have a task here, and when you click it you will see the custom form show a dynamic loaded user control with a link to my wonderful blog.

You can download the solution here.

6 Responses to “Using Custom Task Forms with Nintex Workflow – Example Solution”

  1. Hello!

    Can you help me with using Nintex SDK? I am stuck at the step "Deploy your Form"..

    I am having trouble because I am running SharePoint Foundation 2010 and Visual Studio 2012.. I try to Publish to site: localhost/nintexcustom with site app: SharePoint – 80 ..

    It publish successfully but I cannot see any result, and I do not see the folder created in "C:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft SharedWeb Server Extensions14TEMPLATELAYOUTS". So I am stuck and unable to follow-up.

    Please help, I will be very grateful.. Thank you!

  2. Hi Eelco,
    ControlTemplate (DemoFormControl.ascx) from your sample package seems to be unfinished.. It ends with “a href tag”.

    Please, could you verify that?

    Thank you 🙂

    1. The a href tag is indeed wrong, but you can safely remove it and I don’t think there’s anything more missing. The form has no function, its just loaded in an other form to display.

  3. Thank You for your post and indeed something I have been looking for. I have another question, if we need to develop workflow with nintex (but without nintex forms license) is there any alternate approach other than creating custom content types for tasks.

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